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About Us

Amam Arun, Founder-CEO of PowerAid is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University. He conceptualised and made the product while he was still in college. As a bike enthusiast, he realised the need for such a product when his phone ran out of juice while travelling.
Plutus Investment Advisory Services Pvt.Ltd. has invested in PowerAid and will be mentoring this young start-up. Plutus is owned and managed by Radesh Ranganajan, a Post Graduate in Management from IIM-Ahmedabad and J.Govind Raj, a Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Amazing key features


Does not spoil the aesthetic look of your bike/scooty

It can power two electronic gadgets in one go


Small in size. High in efficiency.

Weather resistant



Say goodbye to low battery days with Power-Aid  

Charge your devices on the go.

  • When there is no current at your house power aid attached on your bike will come to your rescue.
  • Power your Gadgets even when there is no power in your house.
  • The product is weather proof and dust proof
  • Your gadgets can be charged with maximum efficiency.

Now you can order the device simply by clicking on the link.

  • Customers showing their love

    PowerAid, a must buy. It's a life savior. Way better than a Power Bank.

    client01 Mohammed Zeeshan
  • Customers showing their love

    I was always finding ways to power my mobile on my two wheeler as I use my two wheeler frequently. The product Power Aid has helped me a lot. Thanks guys.

    client01 Avinash Ananth Mr. TamilNadu 2015
  • Customers showing their love

    Bought this product and I must tell you that the product is really amazing and useful. A sure buy.

    client01 Vikram Hirawat
  • Customers showing their love

    I installed it on my scooty and it really helped me a lot. Now I need not worry about my phone switching off. I can stay in touch with my family even after late night shifts. Really useful in terms of safety.

    client01 Karthika Natrajan



Does it work on hero pleasure?

Yes, it will work on any bike.

Where can I attach it on my bike?

You can attach it on the handle bar of the bike

What happens if it rains?

The product is water and weather resistant.

What is unique property of the product

It is an innovation which enables you to power two electronic gadgets in one go.

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